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Webinar: Small Talk – Developing the Nano Sensor for the Future of MedTech

Sensor miniaturization is crucial for the future of medical innovation. That’s why FUTEK has developed a load cell that is the smallest measurement solution of its kind. The Nano allows advanced robots to operate as the virtual hands of surgeons, literally enabling sensing capabilities at their fingertips. Learn more in this exciting presentation by FUTEK’s Principal Engineer Maciej “MJ” Lisiak.

Download the Nano’s spec sheet

What can the Nano do?

In this example of a surgical grasper application, we can see how the Nano opens up opportunities for the next generation of robotic and medical tool applications. The Nano sensor, which measures the gripping force of the device, is so small that it can be integrated extremely close to the surgical interaction zone. This allows the grasper’s movements to be extremely precise, increasing its control and performance as well as improving all-over system accuracy and reducing friction-induced error.