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Small Wonder

Get to know the Nano

The Nano is a groundbreaking force measurement solution that stands at 4mm × 5mm and weighs 0.5 g. Developed by FUTEK as a measurement solution that will advance MedTech innovation, a field where sensor miniaturization is crucial.

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Webinar: Small Talk – Developing the Nano Sensor for the Future of MedTech

Sensor miniaturization is crucial for the future of medical innovation, and FUTEK has developed an unprecedented sensor solution that will move the medical industry forward, particularly the robotic surgery field The Nano allows advanced robots to operate as the virtual hands of surgeons, literally enabling sensing capabilities at their fingertips. In this presentation, FUTEK’s Principal Engineer Maciej “MJ” Lisiak discusses the development of Nano and the challenges and breakthroughs that his team experienced along the way.