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FUTEK QLA414 Nano Platform

Introducing the Nano-Miniature force sensor

FUTEK is proud to introduce its patent-pending QLA414 Nano platform, the smallest force sensing solution of its kind. The 4mm x 5mm Nano sensor (roughly the size of a match head), opens up a world of possibilities for highly innovative industries such as advanced automation and robotic surgery, where sensor size is critical to support the requirements of next-generation applications.

The Nano sensor offering includes M1 threaded double-sided mounting provisions, 1000 Ohm full bridge side load compensated instrumentation, laser welded construction, non-active interconnect and environmental protection. It allows for high accuracy tension and compression force measurement in 5lb and 10lb capacities with ultra-low deflection, and high natural frequency response. Additionally, miniaturized sensors as small as 3mm x 4mm with measurement capabilities up to 50lb, are also available upon request for OEM applications, including IP67 and autoclavable solutions for the medical industry.

FUTEK Nano sensors feature a unique, patent-pending thru-hole design that allows for not only M1 thread mounting, but also slide or weld-on installation over the tube, wire, or shaft, making the Nano platform very modular in terms of integration options.

The Nano sensor is a product of FUTEK's commitment to continuous innovation and improvement. It builds on the success of our original "miniature" sensor, the 16mm x 20mm FUTEK's Jr S Beam Load Cell. FUTEK is grateful to its immensely talented engineering team, who spent years developing this project, and who is always reimagining the boundaries of sensor technology.

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