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Webinar: Overcoming Challenges in Haptic Feedback for Robotic Surgery Platforms

In this webinar, FUTEK's Business Development Director Ehsan Mokhberi and Project Manager Ebenezer Ferreira discuss with The Robot Report's Editor Steve Crowe how sensor technology can help doctors performing robotic surgery regain a sense of touch through haptic feedback.

Advancements in robotic technology have made robotic surgery a minimally invasive alternative to traditional surgery. But, lack of haptic feedback has been a major limitation reported by robot-assisted surgeons. Recent innovations in force sensor development can solve this problem. Micro-miniature sized and hermetically sealed sensors can be placed at the instrument's tip, allowing point of surgery haptic feedback to the surgeon.

Learn more about:

  • Technical and economic considerations of designing and implementing haptic feedback sensors
  • Sensor signal interface: reliability, sensor calibration, and temperature compensation
  • Improving reusability through autoclave sterilization processes